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Equipped for industrial, municipal, state & federal operations.

Push Incorporated leverages over four decades of utility experience to help partners realize cost effective solutions for their development projects. We offer services for electric, fiber optic, broadband, water, sewer, gas and oil utility projects, all while protecting the natural environments of America.


Push Incorporated installs thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, year-in and year-out. Construction consists of plowing, trenchless, trenching, pulling/blowing, conduit, aerial construction along with splicing. Routine and maintenance crews available.


Installation of Transmission along with distribution and substation work. Push Incorporated performs both aerial and underground work along with terminating. Rehabilitation, storm work and maintenance crews available.

Water & Sewer

Using various construction methods along with experience and expertise, Push Incorporated has a successful history with completing water/sewer projects throughout the midwest. Push Incorporation holds proper certifications along with training to ensure project quality and success. .

Trenchless Technologies

Installation methods include, auger bore, road bore, ramming, pipe bursting and directional drilling. We operate over 20 drill rigs ranging from 4,000lbs to 800,000lbs. Push Incorporated can successfully complete any HDD project under and through any obstacles, any terrain and any soil — including solid rock.


More than commonplace awareness.
We're proactive.

People — Our Most Valuable Asset

We believe in our responsibility to safeguard our operations for our employees, our customers and the communities we work in.

Whether you're a customer, engineer, inspector, landowner, or visitor — your safety will always be our priority.

Evaluation and Compliance

Understanding risk and monitoring for potential hazards isn't just a part of our work ethic, it's a necessity.

We are continually evaluating the safeness of our work environments and adjust operations accordingly in line with federal state and local laws as well as company policies.

Our compliance with OSHA regulations and our own comprehensive safety policy assure that works site operations are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Commitment to Improvement

Along with following federal state and local regulations, Push Incorporated implements and maintains its own industry specific safety policies and guidelines with assistance from our in-house safety committee, and partnerships with safety first organizations like, The national safety Council (NSC), The Wisconsin safety Council (WSC), and the Power and Communication Contractors Association (PCCA).

We continuously develop, verify and implement new safety policies to keep them effective and relevant to our ever-changing industry.

Being safe and feeling safe is a part of our everyday strategy.

The Push Incorporated safety program consists of ongoing training, company-wide safety meetings, and weekly job site specific safety meetings. We require our subcontractors inspectors and all job site visitors to attend, or conduct job site safety meetings to increase awareness and stress the importance of jobsite safety.

Trainings and Compliance

  • First Aid & CPR
  • Reasonable suspicion training
  • Certified HDPE Pipe Fusing meeting CFR49 regulations
  • OSHA required training
  • MSHA
  • Site specific mine safety training
  • DOT certified traffic control training
  • DOT load securement training
  • USV and ELD training
  • Electrical safety training
  • Equipment safety training
  • Confined space training


We Believe

Push Incorporated is a leading utility contractor specializing in electric, fiber optic, broadband, water, sewer, gas and oil. Based in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, we've been completing quality projects all over the United States since 1974.


Whether its providing our customers with the personal one-on-one service they deserve, or scaling resources to meet the needs of the most demanding project — Push Incorporated will complete your project on time and on budget, executing in a manner that is safe for our employees, the public and the environment.

Humble Beginnings

Jack Lapcinski started Push Incorporated in 1974, installing underground telephone facilities. The company realized slow but steady growth over the next twenty years.

By 1994, Push Incorporated had an average payroll base of approximately 36 employees, performing work throughout six states.

2014 marked 40 years of leading innovation within the utility construction market. Push Incorporated performed utility operations in 17 states, providing our customers with the same great service that supported our growth for the past 40 years.

Who We Are Today

Push Incorporated has established itself as a reputable nationwide industry leader by providing innovative solutions and quality products, on time and on budget.

Our commitment to workplace safety, and our increased emphasis on environmentally friendly trenchless methods marks Push Incorporated as one of the largest specialty utility contractors in the nation.

We deliver world-class service, and utilize quality methods to meet the exact standards of our customers on every project.

Contact us today and see how Push Incorporated can help you.

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Offered Benefits

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  • 401(K) Retirement Plan
  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid Holidays
  • Per Diem
  • Travel Pay
  • Company Paid Training and Certifications
  • Push Inc. Branded Merchandise and Uniforms
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • And much more
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